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Adverse Times Test Committment to Purpose

 Verbal Committment to Purpose is easy to proclaim till it remains unchallenged & untested like what we experienced in the last 2 years. But when this committment is stress tested under adverse conditions unless there is a maniacal commitment, flight and defensive escape is a natural reaction of the weak.

Purpose committment demands huge sacrifices. Professional & personal. Resources will be scarce & strained, conditions will become tough, situations may become intolerable, enimosity may not only strengthen but may also scale up, talent will take its flight when you would need it the most.

Your committment to Purpose is made in happy times but is indeed tested and has to walk the fire-wall in tough times & adverse conditions. The full range of experiences has to be absorbed within its life strides.

Some how I feel Meerabai epitomizes the quintessence of this mindless commitment to purpose in her beautiful poetry.

Karna fakiri phir kya dilgiri

Sada magan mein rehna ji

Koi din gadi na

Koi din bangla

Koi din jangal basna na ji

Koi din hathi na

Koi din ghoda

Koi din paidal chalna ji

Koi din khaja na

Koi din lado

Koi din fakam faka ji

Koi din dholiya

Koi din talai

Koi din bui par laut na ji

Meera kahe prabhu

Girdhar nagar

Aye pade so sahena ji

Adversity will often hit the shores of your Purpose. Only the truly committed emerge winning.

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