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An Exclusive Theatre Called - The Mind

You have power over your mind — not the outside events. Control that what is within your realm of control and ignore that what is beyond. Realize this and you will find a deep inner strength that can make you a winner ! Marcus Aurelius made the world as a philosopher, realize and be ignited by this Stoic reality.

You cannot control the noise outside. The zillion contributors of such noise do not respond to your baton. But you certainly have the power to shut-out the disturbing sounds from outside and be the Maestro conducting the calming symphony of your choice without any disturbances all within the realms of your exclusive sound-proof theatre called - the MIND !

in this unique theatre, all the musicians are under your waving baton, focusing all their attention on you as the Conductor - the most distinguished figure in the theatre reading the scores and leading the artistic direction, sound, speed, and movements of the piece.

But you will now have to take full accountability for your outcomes as you will not have external sound disturbances to blame...

The performance of your symphony will be as interesting as your skill to conduct the Orchestra.

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1 Comment

Sep 08, 2023

Exclusive theatre called the physical brain. The mind is outside the body attracting planetary actions to square up karmas... If the physical brain has innate knowledge blessings.. With current And/or accumulated prayers and protocols.. It can win over... The brain gives the best analogy of surrounding s... With an innate thinking... Fate lies in only the brain to concentrate only on now

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