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Arrogance The Destroyer

Arrogance destroys is no new learning. Yet why the arrogant don't learn ... continues to be a mystery.

Duryodhana the villain of Mahabharata had the opportunity to give only five villages that Krishna sought for the Pandavas as their emissary and retain his father's empire. Duryodhana was even cautioned earlier by a sage in as many words : "Fourteen years hence, you shall be destroyed in battle by the Pandavas, along with your kinsmen and all that you hold dear".

Yet the arrogance within was nursed and allowed to poison reasoning . Duryodhana refused in arrogance to give those five villages and unfortunately even tried to arrest Krishna in his court. He ultimately lost his Empire.

Unfortunately, Duryodhana succumbed but Arrogance did not get buried with Duryodhana when he died due to the mortal injuries caused to his thighs by Bheema's mace on the 18th day of the Mahabharata battle. Arrogance continues to fester within us even today. We see it in full display ever so often in all walks of our lives - politics, corporates and frequently wherever there is power play.

Be mindful of the toxic 3 legged Arrogance Pyramid.

1. Arrogance has a slow blinding & self deafening effect : Arrogance once allowed to nurture & fester within, slowly grows and takes over rationality, causes emotional deafness and spiritual blindness.

2. Valid Self-justification : Arrogance intoxicates people into believing that others don't mind and accept such a style as their patent style. It also makes the arrogant person believe that the victim deserved it and that he/she was actually the cause of triggering such reactions.

3. Catastrophic Destruction : There may be realisation of arrogance in spurts but unless the holder sincerely accepts counseling and follows up with 'script' therapy, chances are that the person may end up waking to the dawn only after a destructive fall.

Arrogance only shuts doors and never opens any. Arrogance has its roots in the self belief of one's superiority... but deep down it is a reflection of one's insecurity. Shun it.

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