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In existentialism, authenticity is the degree to which a person's actions are congruent with his own beliefs and desires, despite all external pressures to be in conformity with the general standards and norms. When unreliable duplicates pretend to be authentic, momentarily they may pass off and succeed. But it does not take the superfiscial varnish to drain off - droplet by droplet as the first showers of challenge emerge. The 7 ways in which , generally, Authentic leaders set themselves apart... 1. Authentic leaders are self-confident. They know who they are.They are not high maintenance nor do they need ongoing reassurance of their greatness. 2. They have high EQ and their behaviour drips empathy. 3. They stick to their tune and tone. Preassure cannot make them change their music or play another song. 4. They always are positive and bright. They are situation agnostic. 5. They always speak out their minds. 6. Authentic leaders are transparent. Their agenda is like a pre-set question bank. Everybody knows, no surprises. Their disapproval is also known. 7. They accept a diverse range are necer threatened hence always inclusive.

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