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Avoid Politics but Be Sharp

When you are part of a system, like it or dislike it, you cannot avoid getting into the wrap of it. Either you have the power or you need power to perform or you desire power for Ambition. You are part of a political system, eitherways. Use politics to play smart by handling it deftly. For sure you have to be aware of what is going on but certainly avoid contributing to politics at any cost either by way of gossip or complaining. Keep the gossip to yourself. Confidentiality is a myth so don't expect people to keep their promises of secrecy & what for .. when they can trade and gain monitizable benefits by sharing it with your detractors ? First, you must observe . Then learn the rules of the game. Closely observe predictability of the characters and thereafter learn to protect yourself Most importantly , avoid the back- stabbing pretenders. They come in the shape of colleagues and associates pretending to be friends. "Boss, you are the greatest" ... "Aap Mahan ho" ... "Guru ho" ... " You are the King". Remember, 'Confidence tricksters' first win your confidence. Then they trick you. Shun political colleagues & associates who talk smoothly before you but rudely to your back for they are like a pitcher of poison with milk at the top says CHANAKYA.

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