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Balancing WTL with BTL

Stress is physical or psychological pain triggered by each individual's physical or emotional ability to beat the strain & preassures of his challenges.

A reasonable amount of stress is certainly healthy & desirable ... of what use would a 'rubber band' be if it was not stretched for use of its potential ? This is a state of Hypostress, where the stress generated being low, does not provide opportunity for display of full potential. Hyperstress is the opposite.

Within tolerable limits (WTL), stress boosts performance by enhancing motivation & adaptation. It triggers positive reaction to the environment.

However, excessive amounts of stress - beyond tolerable limits (BTL), may have -ve psychosomatic impact.Just like overstretching the rubber-band beyond its tenacity, could snap it. This is a state of Hyperstress

Stress increases risk of cardiac attacks, allergies, stroke & ulcers . It also triggers dreaded psychological ailments like depression, insomia, hyperchondria etc.

'Hans' Selye, the Austrian endrocronologist researched impact of Stress on the human body (see doodle).Selye advocated maintaining a dynamic balance between Hyperstress & Hypostress. The ultimate goal is to balance the two & have as big an area under 'Eustress' as possible.

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Bharti Urala
Bharti Urala
16 jun 2020

True and nice

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