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Belief Triggers 'The Power Of Magic' Within

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Each one of us is packaged with Magic within. Unfortunately, most of us refuse to believe it and are unable to recognise it. Let me therefore first ask : Do you firstly, personally believe that there is Magic that lies untapped within you ? Or do you doubt the very existence of any such Magic within you ??? If you do not yourself believe in that Magic, how can it perform feats for you or for the others?

Your ability to identify that Magic and develop your ability to draw on it to will help you to be identified as an 'Influencing' leader.

Go and ask any Inspirational leader and they will endorse the fact that they periodically draw on the untapped positive power that lies within them to influence others to act and do things in a positive way that they could otherwise not do. Call that untapped power, Magic or whatever you may like.

To hack the Magic code is rather simple. To bring out that hidden Magic within us, self belief is the very first essential step. You have first to believe in yourself and the Magic within you. Second, you need to believe in your power to draw on that Magic at your call . And thirdly, you need to believe in the other people you wish to influence.

The Alphabet of Magic does not begin with 'A'. It begins with 'B' - B for belief !

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