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Bell Curve on WApp !

'W-app Groups' Imitate Life

You see the ugly head of the 'Bell Curve' rising up to mark its presence on all WApp groups as well ! Think about it ... Study shows that an average person with a Smartphone is present on an average, on 21 WApp groups ..!!! Pheeeew.

On each group, there are 5% members who are mentally 'Hyper'. By nature, they are attention seekers. They argue with everything just to mark their social presence on the group. They want to sound pedantic on all subjects and thus argue even with their own views expressed earlier..They want their voice or emoticon to be the last one.

15% participants are 'Conformists' who are mentally stuck and want to hear only that what they want to hear or know. They will argue if you write or say anything against. They will remain silent otherwise.

60% participants are the 'Silent Majority'. For them, it doesn't matter what is written. They don't even know why they are there in the group. Their presence or absence does not matter. They are the bulk and they don't really matter.

15% are silent 'Postman'. They are the delivery Boys who back and forth forwarded messages. They are present on many groups (3 times the average) and their job they believe is like bees to pollinate & proliferate messages between groups !

The balance 5% are 'Learners' who absorb and learn what you say thru messages. These messages are gospel truth. They ask meaningful further questions. WApp appears to be the prime source of their knowledge. They graduate from WApp University with 'Honors'.

By and large , most of the groups we studied, reflected similar participant behaviour. Ask yourself - where do you stand ? Think deep. You will be able to identify some critical people who are copy books of such behaviours on WApp groups.

Sometimes, I wonder. Does life follow WApp Groups or do WApp groups imitate life... ???

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1 Comment

Aug 15, 2023

Parvardigar ka har insaan behtereen hai. Sirf nazar air soch ka fark hai.. Hamaare Paak Hazrate Bhaijaanji Saheb... Attn. Seekers... Give them attn they need and they will bless you... Look at all from soul level and when you have that potential use it to boost up their morale.. U are a great soul with the greatest responsibility towards Creation.. I have, great regardsfor you Adilji Your blessings His grace. Jai Hind Jai Humanity Jai All Creation be veg serve veg prescribe veg

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