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Blessings In Disguise ...

Did you realise that the distance you travel from home to office could be a blessing , calibre of the people you sit with at work could a blessing - the Manager you work for, the team you associate with, the team that reports to you ... are all in a way, great blessings.

Getting paid your salary in time is a blessing so is getting paid right, a blessing. If you are in some minority, being included is a blessing.

The very nature of your assignment, the quality of challenges you get to handle can be a blessing and the opportunity to learn and thus grow is another blessing. Promotions are a blessing. Not getting promotion at the wrong time, can also be a blessing.

And so many other small and big, hidden and open blessings we receive at Work ... but we do not recognize them. All because blessings come in disguise and do not come with a placard which says 'BLESSINGS' !

A few crosses we receive and upset we get, the narrative suddenly changes. We see bleedings more than blessings.

"Count your blessings instead of your crosses;

Count your gains instead of your losses.

Count your joys instead of your woes;

Count your friends instead of your foes.

And you shall be a happy person in life and a great leader at work "

Everyone is the net. Don't over-value the crosses & bleeding and undervalue your disguised blessings.

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