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Brave And Bravado

For success, it is necessary to realistically guage your Capacity and Capability to handle the challenge at hand. Do not underplay though stretch full. But do not indulge in bravado. Do not have an exaggerated view of your capability that when tested on ground it would lead you not only to disaster but also to total destruction.

Between brave and bravado the discretionary line is drawn by wisdom. Bravery : a humble and honourable display of courage. Reality + brave stretch.

Bravado , a pretentious , swaggering display of courage. Merely, an unguaged exaggerated suicidal foolishness.



saahas se nahin naapte. Buddhimta

seema keechtee hai...

Woh nadaan hai

jo bina samandr ki

gehraee napey

sirf ek kashti ke saharey

gamand se

tufaan laddne

nikal paddtey hai.

Toofan mein kashteeyań

aur ghamand mein hassteeyaań


duub he jaati hai.

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