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Build Fresh Capabilities

Uncertainties, Calamities & Adversities are an integral part of the new life and work order. One cannot wish them away in the age of the 'black swans'.

Happy as one may have been with the old order, the new order is a reality. You can't wish it away. Fresh capabilities will have to be built to match these challenges. Only then can one survive & grow to thrive in the new context.

Smart answers will not help you escape the fact that new capabilities will have to be built. When old roof is blown-off, you may argue, wait & delay. But rebuilding the roof is the only ultimate answer. Ofcourse, breaking down the full house, is another. But that is a foolish choice.

A slightly angry lady defiantly asked me yesterday ... " what if I don't want to ? ".

Reminds me to quote Henry Truman .." If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen "

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