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Caged? Coach to Break free

Each one of us is caged in the prison of our expectations. The weak believe that the strong are not, the poor believe the rich are not, the associates believe their Managers are not. But how much farther could one be from the truth  - each one of us is a prisoner in our own CAR (choices, assumptions & references). The stronger you are, the bigger and stronger the cage, thus tougher for you to break- free and escape. Often I ask people during their orientation as to what would they have liked to do had they not to earn money?? Swimmer, painter, singer, traveller etc. I would myself have loved to be a performing artist. But the day we put the filter of earning money on our choices, we self-cage ourselves and forever then feel the pain.  Each morning we wake up to feel that discomfort until one day the bold decide to breakfree from their cage and follow the calling of their heart. And the weak, they continue in pain. A chunk of peoples' unhappiness with their assignments at the deeper levels has strong links with their unfulfilled life expectations. Coach them to understand that.

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