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'CEOvid' Of The 'CMR' - the Closed Minded Corporate Royalty.

This piece is rather different.

Strangely, the Corporate Royalty does not begin their careers the way we imagine. Their sharpness, smartness, capabilities, ability to work, determination, competitiveness and several such potential factors susequently brings about a fruition thereby contributing to their reaching the corporate high pedestal they had yearned for so long.

Sometime later, after reaching these coveted positions, such leaders cloak themselves in the trappings of royalty, surround themselves with flatterers who extoll their virtues encouraged by the leader himself for his self-validation and they actually start feeling a (false) sense of invincibility, within.

Their closed mindset keeps replaying the story of their virtues & successes and they refuse to step out from that happy realm into the real ugly world of their business reality - market challenges, demanding competitors, shifting choices, warts and failures. They fall into the ditch of their own creation & seriously start believing the narrative of their inherent superiority weaved for the others by their flatterers.

Such 'CMR' (read Closed Minded Royalty) as leaders prefer to use their acknowledged strengths and stop learning nor continue experimenting. They hate to hear bad news and despise criticism, preferring to shoot the messenger than focus on the message.

CMR Leaders tend to wear designer clothing, live up to the imagery of their regal life-style, carry branded accessories, throw fancy 'caviar' parties, give key jobs and contracts to friends and relatives and use fancy CO cars to drop their kids to nursery schools !

Critically, when markets retaliate and business fails, the 'CMR' leaders blame their teams, criticise government for their policies, create excuses and focus on stifling critics & rivals. Even when they fail, the CMLs choose to put their ego before CO success and refuse to hire better leaders than themselves out of fear & insecurity.

Finally , such Royalty fatally succumbs to the 'CEOvid' - a disease which is a peril of the fixed mindset that such leaders sadly choose to adopt and operate from.

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