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Chambers Of Potential Emotional Disasters

Corporates indeed are 'Chambers Of Potential Emotional Disasters'. Those that are weak and emotionally fragile are bound to become victims and thus crumble under its preassure and burden.

We need to thus learn to unburden the emotional preassures that we are bound to encounter at our work place. Partisan Managerial treatment, unrewarded efforts, unrecognized performances, unfair treatments, victimization, unforgiving customers, superfiscial friendships, tough markets, unfair wages, inequal treatment are the streets that all of us encounter on the corporate roads. Such potential negativity will have its effect  unless one learns to get 'burden lite' and cut free from these burdens. Let your head & heart not get burdened by these preassures says Kabir...

Whilst he said it in the larger context of life, in its limited corporate reference too, it continues to have deep relevance ...

"Kabir nao jarjari

   kudde khevanhar ...

      Halke halke tiri gaye,

          bundë tini sar bhari "

The boat is frail....the rowers weak and lank. Boats that are light sail away. Those that are laden heavy and thus burdened with weight, sink.


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