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In the journey of excellence for search of success, there is no 'time-off'. I know many will vehemently disagree and they are welcome to their thoughts. But I am a 'Stoic' by philosophical inclinations and this is the philosophy I subscribe to. I just wish to share my thoughts with you.

If you want to excel in your pursuit of anything ... want to prepare yourself for the ultimate 'Gold-Bar' level, you will have to subscribe to an agenda which has no space nor time to accommodate half-hearted attempts.

You may be a prodigy and God bless you. Lesser preparation may work for you. Your story may be different . But for ordinary people excellent outcome is a function of acute preparations. No 'time-pass' or half-hearted efforts.

'Cheimaskèsai' is the Greek word that conveys this sentiment of a 'hard winter training', the best.

For those neurologically inclined, acute focus, fuelled by desire grows connections (synapses) among the brain cells devoted to achieve that what you may sincerely desire to get. No stone unturned , no nerve untrained, no leaf unruffled - that is what leads to excellence.

Wonder what the Army does when there is no war ? They vigorously prepare for they believe that the Army that sweats in peace, bleeds less in War

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