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Choose Well, Decide Right

We choose wrong and then opt to blame the world for having not supported us. We also at times blame divinity for the choices we make. HE should have stopped us ! Either we believe we are powerless or we accept that we are seeking easy escape routes. I feel often the later. Thus it is important that we choose well and decide right.

Let me help you with a 10 step logical process that would help you choose well and decide.

1. Identify the problem and recognise the need for you to make the decision. Half the time our pain is an outcome of the lack of our realisation that we need to take a decision.

2. Figure out what you wish to achieve with that decision -

" Goal of this decision is .....". Fill in this simple sentence.

3. Roughly in your mind, work out what the decision will entail.

4. Gather all the information you would require to take that decision.

5. Make a list of all decision options you have before you to choose from.

6. Work out the costs and benefits - 'the Stars and the Scars' of each of these choices you have to pick from.

7. Rank the options in order of your choice first using your gut as the prompt and then evaluate the objective data to stack rank your logical options.

8. Meditate on each and then choose.

9. Make it happen. Measure. If it works celebrate.

10 If it does not, meditate again and take the next try.

Never give up or blame. Doesn't help and the others won't believe you too

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Apr 07, 2023

All is only perception.. Only brain is involved.. Which if not sensitive to anything... Remains still.. And unaffected anyways... Never be a slave to brain outcomes... All is right light bright good .....only..only one perception..the message of soul to all creation..Love Unconditional......ignore incompletion and focus on blending with completion light only..Energy flows where attention goes..thanks ji Our respected .


Vittalarao K
Vittalarao K
Apr 07, 2023

Very nice and informative.

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