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Collective Power of Positive Interactions

We have never really understood the intensity, influence and impact that cumilatively, each transaction we go thru in a day with different people, has on us. The spread of ones happiness depends largely on frequent social contacts rather than deep Social connections. Research has indicated that though small as it may be, multiple positive and social interactions during the day have collectively a much greater impact on us than only one very deep positive interaction. A smile and a small chat with the watchmen helps, enquiry about the unwell son of a colleague helps positivity, managing a counter if colleague is unwell adds , helping in a small way your domestic help pay her medical bills or her child's school fee all cumulatively builds positivity. Far or near, it is therefore wise to invest and run the extra mile to harvest positive interactions, small as they may seem, eachone has the potential to add to the collective positive influence on you.

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