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‘Conflict Resolution’ Is  Leadership Effectiveness

A leader may not directly be responsible for a conflict in his group but if that conflict subsits unresolved beyond 

 reasonable time, leadership cannot absolve itself from this responsibility. A leader cannot seek flight from the situation and escape by saying..."these guys keep fighting. I have told them a hundred times not to do so !"

A flaggerating conflict  being unsmothered, subsequently becomes a battle. This  indicates that the leadership has not been sufficiently engaged with its team members and therefore not been able to early read the signals to identify prevalence of such conflicts. It furthermore also indicates leadership was unmindful or in a way, not in control of the situation to facilitate its resolution in time. Clearly, this becomes, a case of 'absence of leadership effectiveness'.

Providing a positive climate by fostering friendships and mitigating conflicts in the team are key Leadership expectations. Clearly, there are larger implications to prevalence of such conflicts. 

Cohesion defeciency leads to goals not being met and the enterprise purpose & vision not getting fulfilled. Who else should be held accountable for that, if not the leader ???

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