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Counterfactualising - A Leadership Skill of The Future

We are experiencing a world that is acutely challenged , undefined, intriguing and in a way adrift. Most leaders are busy trying to regain the old lost balance as the 'lock- down' is gradually lifted.

Unfortunately, most leaders are busy trying to regain their old balance. Not many leaders have realised that the way forward thru this turbulence requires envisioning and reframing for the new reality. This is the mandate most leaders are carrying.

Antifragile leadership of the future therefore needs to learn a new skill - being 'COUNTERFACTUAL'.

This enables the leader to structurally envision the new world that is not merely a stretched extention of the current.

In our thoughts as leaders, we frequently run thru a myriad of possibilities determining the way the world might be different, trying to play this game of life several moves ahead. 'Counterfactuals' is a an ability that enables the leader to see ahead way-beyond the reality that surrounds him.

Without this new world skill, the leader at best would tend to tinker around arithmetically with his experiences, skills, frames and models of the current world. To imagine the real changes that may be required to regain the lost balance in the new paradigm, leadership needs to be equipped with a new skill for. the new paradigm that requires 'quantum' leap in thinking and leadership.

'Counterfactualising' is that skill of the future which a quantum leader has to systamatically develop that enables him develop his SIRA abilities i.e. - 'structurally imagining remedial alternatives'

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