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Culprit Called CULTURE

Corporate Managers are often caught by surprise. Corporate Policies are often undone by unexpected changes in the environment ... by price drops, shortages, calamities, hazards, technological innovations, sudden regulations etc.

Being blind-sighted, Managers often take knee-jerk decisions which in the end exacerbates the original problem !!! Only if we knew what was going on, we could have avoided it event, you hear the responsible Managers say.

Often in such a context when analyzed, there exists a profoundly depressing moment which is realised much rather late in the game, when the responsible Managers self-comprehended that they actually HAD some information & also a perspective in the deep crevices of their mind which did know the nature of the change and the likely calamity it could lead to.

They also had some indicative information on what was going on. But that understanding never brokethrough to the awareness of the people who had power to act.

Introspected deeply, it reflects presence of a CULTURE in such Corporations which penalised and took off its 'favoured-list', all those who dissented or held contrarian views to the conventional wisdom of powerful leadership.

Dissent is a spiritual requirement for future-ready corporations.

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