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Culture change Harbinger

Corporate Culture harbingers are often victims of their own misunderstanding. They blame ownership rigidity & lack of empowerment for their aborted 'Culture Change' journeys. However, they mistake the verbal mandate of Culture Transformation given by the ownership to ad hoc replace the long sustained beliefs, values, practises & programs with culturally alien & fashionable beliefs, vision, values & purpose. BVVPs are cult like inheritances from lengedary founders/leaders & they have his approval. Thus they are sustained Ownerships & Boards are generally confused between 'Culture' & 'Climate'. Corporate Culture is like DNA, built on deeply sustained BVVPs on which all the processes, procedures & programs are designed. Culture Change is thus extremely difficult to manouvere. The system vehemently rejects such attempts (they call it attacks) & instead prefers to reject the harbinger leader Climate Change deals 'otoh' with explicit org practices, processes & activities that reflect employee experiences of their day to day work environment. That is the change which most ownership seeks & has in mind when they give the Change mandate to the leader Unfortunately, they used the wrong terminology - called it 'Culture Change' instead of 'Climate Change'. Think about it dear leader

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