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Culture Penalizes Superior Performers

Culture is the sum total of approved average common behaviours , items used, songs sung, general language spoken, food flavors preferred , garments and fashions followed, heroes celebrated, behaviours congratulated, science and logic prevalent, actions penalized , artefacts used by a common class of people and architecture preferred by members of a given group.

It is the aggregated average. It is thus slower form of Socialization.

The inidivuals however are different, unique and divergent on all the above counts. The sum total commonality from all members of such a common group is called culture.

Nature is busy creating absolutely unique individuals says U. G. Krishnamurti... whereas society is in conflict with nature, busy filtering all the divergent natural behaviours through a single mold to which all must conform. Grotesque it can be.

Thus in a society you will observe the geniuses and the duffers in continuous conflict with the Society, both being out of the frame. They are the ones who are generally suffering. The average on all these counts becomes the societal hall-mark. The below average, keep seeking protection to keep its head above and the superior are left out generally fighting with the average polity and often penalized for being out from the average frame, despite being superior.

Culture is designed to represent the average of the group. The geniuses seek Rewards. The under performing seek protection and reservations.

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