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Desperate Moments, Resilient Efforts

Two frogs ventured out from their swamp & found themselves in a container half-filled with cream in a Dairy. Having enjoyed the tasty cream, they decided to leave. But they soon realized they were trapped & in trouble. The container was too slippery for them to climb. They could not reach the bottom thus could not step on anything for traction. Tried everything but in vain. Tired & frustrated the second frog told the first that they were finally going to drown. Why try? He thus gave-up, bid farewell & slowly sank. The first frog refused to give-up & continued paddling in tiny circles, over & over, hoping for a miracle. After some time, he too got tired. Maybe brother was wiser. With a whimper & anguish he but kept paddling on. He did not sink but stayed right where he was. To rest, he then stretched out his tired foot & felt it touching something solid. He took a firm grip on that solid thing & quickly hopped out of the container. The big solid thing that gave a firm grip to hop out was actually the big & thick lump of butter he had just churned whilst paddling the cream in desperation to find his way. We fail when we give up hope & stop paddling.Times are desperate. Keep paddling to make that solid blob of butter that will save you.

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17 abr 2021

A great lesson!

Me gusta
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