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Disintegrate your blind-spots

Mind this Feep... The inner you is critical for success. Self-knowledge unfortunately gets blocked. People are blind to blind-spots. You have to be competent to assess yr own competency. The incompetent are too incompetent to understand how grossly incompetent they are. That is the plight. The 'Dunning-Kruger Effect' is the source of this thought. Whilst people are obsessed by desire for accurate self-knowledge...being competitive in nature, they become very mindful of peer comparisons. Thus they reject assessments that are adverse leading to build-up of a plaque bank over 'blind-spots'. Most of us are victims of our self-congratulatory assessments & self-defeating comparisons. 3 recommendations thus for authentic assessment of blind-spots : 👉Indulge in deep self thinking.Reflect quietly to what people tell you without appropriating variety of hidden agendas behind their feed-back to you. 👉Identify trusted people & invite objective assessments. 👉Maintain a 'tracker'. Identify behaviours & triggers with incidents when performance is super or you fail. Your self-recorded trends will make you better understand & accept blind-spots. Slowly demolish your blind-spots with self knowledge. Hear the feep. Dwelve deep. Disintegrate blind spots before they someday, make you weep 😭

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