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Empathy - a lesson time teaches

We react in a certain way when we experience a particular situation...a way that is so unique to ourselves. When others ask us why our reactions are different from reactions of others in the same situation, we explain the uniqueness of our personality and the comfort we experience in the decision we take.

Unfortunately, we have low

tolerance and thus we are unwilling to give others the same freedom to react to situations in the style and manner unique to their personalities.

Consequence of such individualized styles in a collective situation is dissent, conflicts, arguments, silos, groupism and polarization. Such groups have but to fail as they allow egos to come in their way of positive working ...

Much later with passing of time, creeps in maturity, tolerence & wisdom which brings about a realisation that others too have a right to their unique personalities and thus be allowed freedom to behave as prompted by the uniqueness of their personalities. Somethings, time teaches better !!! Empathy is one such.

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