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Esoteric Leadership

'Ek umr woh bhi thi logg jadu ka bhi aitbar kartey thay...

Ek umr ye bhi hai logg hakikat pe bhi aitbar nahi kartey.'

Esoteric Leadership is focused to manifest the magical powers of leadership that makes a leader 'effective' beyond his levels of 'efficiency'.

A leader has to be a Manager first before embarking to be a leader. 

A Manager & a Leader are not two different people. Rolled into one, he has to ensure that the systems, technology, resources, programs, knowledge & processes invested in the CO give optimum output without any leakages. This is 'Efficiency' which the Manager in that role has to ensure.

However, leader in that role has thereafter to emerge with magical abilities  to reach out and make the people contribute their discretionary energy and deliver performances to the system much beyond their levels of Efficiency. And all that without any further investments in-systems, technology, resources, programs, knowledge & processes. 

Esoteric Leadership is therefore about using the sharp leadership edge to deliver quantum advantages of performance to the system.

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