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Most of us are confused. Most of us start our career journeys with a somewhat  'forced-fitted clarity'. Barely into the race, we meet and see people who are doing different things, running different races, having different goals, wanting to reach different destinations. 

This naturally confuses the already confused mind. Competitive ambition takes over. We abandon our race and  try to chase & imitate the others who are running their own races. We change our pace to run faster. We try to run faster than them but closer to the winning point, we get disillusioned to ask the question - is this the destination that we really wanted to reach ?

What is the way out of this bewilderment, asks the doubter  ?? I would say authentic belief in Euthymia.

Euthymia (Greek) is about being on your own path with happiness without getting distracted by all the others that intersect it. Win you must by reaching the destination. But that without being bothered about beating anyone else to the winning post.

Try it even now...never too late. Identify your race, run at your pace and reach your destination without having to bother to win against others.

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