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Flexibility - The Elixir

Whatever is flexible and living will tend to grow. Whatever is rigid and blocked, will wither and die. Successful in life are not those who have reached their desired Junction but those who have mastered the art of flexibility to keep moving on to newer destinations.

Human beings are born soft and flexible; when they die, they are hard and stiff. Plants arise soft and delicate, when they die, they too are withered and dry. Thus says Laozi the hard and stiff are disciplines of death. The soft and flexible are disciplines of life.

An inflexible army is not victorious, an unbending tree thus breaks. The agile win for agility is about flexibility with speed which is the need of the changing times. The stiff and big will be lowered, the soft and flexible will rise.

Two great blunders of most men I see in life are - one, not realizing soon enough that ego is about rigidity & inflexibility and second, erroneously believing that flexibility is only a physical feature of stretch and not a behavioural virtue of success.

One who resists the wave is swept away, but only the one who bends before it, abides. Thus the wise say that enjoy the 'fugitive' hour. Man has no harbor, time has no shore, it rushes on and carries us with it. Learn to enjoy the flow.

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