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Four Roles of Leadership in Crisis & Adversity

Leadership has 4 Roles in pathing People through moments of Adversity & Crisis .

The Dark Zone is the zone of first impact. Startled. It is a period when those impacted start believing that it is the period of apocalypse, cataclysm, devastation and Ammageddon. Morale & rebuilding confidence most critical.

Second stage is the Red Zone when the leader has to cautiously hand-hold and slowly bring the impacted out of dark beliefs into a regulated reality. Allaying fears, anxiety and Rebuilding Confidence.

Third stage is Amber. Stage of redefinitions.The leader engages the badly impacted and the relevant others into design thinking to  redefine the purpose, reaffirm the values and milestone the path.

The fourth stage is the Green Zone of re-building belief in the new horizon and engaging and motivating people to recommitt themselves to the new destinations.

And may you as an Inspirational leader succeed in leading your teams to the Green Zone of redefined success.

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