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Get A Foreign Degree Or Not ?

It is never the sabre but the skill of the swordsman that makes one the ultimate Victor in a fencing combat ... never the costly Grammer books on your table but the artful use of language in verse that makes good poetry.

It is therefore critical that people invest their time and energy to develop their skills more rather than rue over misfortune and adversities to be not able to afford costlier weapons. If you are lucky & a Manner born Menor born, you may have such surplus money lying untilised, go spend it. Label it as luxury not necessity.

But if you are not born with such luck, do not rue. That is outside the realms of your control. What is critical and in the realms of your control is to dedicate and invest your time in developing your skills. For that is what will make the difference and matter in the ultimate analysis.

Sad but true. Sitting on Boards of certain Trusts, I sometimes unfortunately witness ugly arguments between Parents & children when they are not able to sponsor and pay for some high cost fancy University programs that their wards wish to attend. Agreed if some such programs are a class apart or if no equivalent programs are available in India to attend.

However, for all those who seek to go overseas only to get some fancy university endorsements or gain some experience under a false belief that such would upon their return give some distinctive edge over others who studied for equivalent programs in India, I would say you are being stupid and foolish.

The advantage never comes from label but from the skill on display. That is the Golden Rule. So go invest in developing your skills. Stump that other guy with your investments in knowledge and skills, when he returns after spending his money on his degree !

Let me share this beautiful verse from Panchtantra to convey my thoughts ...

" In case of horse or book or sword

Of woman, man or lute or word

The use or uselessness depends

On qualities the user lends.

Silk comes from worms,

and Gold from stone;

The water-lily springs from mud,

From cow- dung sprouts

the lotus bud;

The moon it's rise from ocean takes;

And gems proceed from

hoods of snakes;

From cows' bile yellow

dyestuff come ;

And fire in wood is quite at home:

The worthy, by display of worth,

Attain distinction, not by birth."

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Sarfaraz Shaw
Sarfaraz Shaw
15 Ιουλ 2023

Very nice

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Parvez Panthaky
Parvez Panthaky
15 Ιουλ 2023


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14 Ιουλ 2023

Divine wisdom activates through prayers and protocols to guide at each step.. Teaching contentment is continuous feast

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