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Hidden Power Of Irritants

Last week-end (at the cost of being thrown out of a party), I asked friends to each one tell me 'One thing that irritates them'.

This is the list that emerged...

1 Pretence of Integrity

2. Cantankerous people

3. Untidy/Messy people

4. People who take everything

too lightly

5. People who do not take care

of their family

6. People who come late

7. People who procrastinate

8. People with 'know all'


9. People who use abusive


10. People who come to

meetings without reading


11. People whose

contributions are


12. Braggers

13. Disconnected participants

14. People who love

delegating duties to others

without doing anything


15. .... add what irritates you,

to this list.

Hidden in the analysis of these irritants are the possibility of you understanding your own triggers of positive behaviours, better

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1 Comment

Jun 25, 2023

Intervention is a divine prospective.. May not be with brain perception.. But it definitely yields brilliant results... Divine intervention brought the laws of karmas to obtain transparency

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