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I-CE ... the critical I that Connects & Engages

This 'I' is your unique 'Identity' that makes a difference to the whole.

Each one of us has that critical Identity which adds a unique flavour and a different value to the taste. If you as a part of the team do not Connect or fail to Engage, your team loses benefits of a critical ingredient. Delivery naturally is deficient.

Either you stay in the team and give it the full benefit of your unique 'I' or you move on and let another 'I' come in and fulfill that role. Can't be that disconnected or disengaged 'I'.

Whilst the ' Times of India' today is printed differently for a unique advertising purpose ... I would like to present you a different learning view from the same and thus make a difference.

Wherever you are remember, the I should always Connect & Engage...

You are that I.

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