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Inner Confidence - The Real Winner

Each one of us at some time or the other in life, faced detractors who doubted our ability to succeed as we were attempting completion of some challenging task. At home, at work or in sports ...

Those who allowed such detractors to dampen their spirit grudgingly, in a way agreed with the views and votes of their detractors on their ability and confidence. They never won thus. They could never surpass the prediction of their predators.

You are more than your doubts and fears. There are some in contrast, who let their confidence overtake the distractions caused by the dampening observations of such frivolous doubters. They blinked in disdain and cold shouldered their detractors to emerge as the dark horse, who won against all odds

You should seek inspirations from some of these real life stories if you are looking for motivation to fight odds and win ...

- 'Unbroken' - the story of Olympic runner Louis survival during World War II after his plane crashed into the Pacific Ocean.

- 'Glass Castle' - the story of Jeannette Walls and her unconventional upbringing in abject poverty and her fightback to become a very famous journalist

- 'Wild'...the story of Cheryl Steayed her journey of hiking in Pacific Crest Trail, alone after the passing away of her mother and dissolution of her marriage with the only person she genuinely loved

- 'The Immortal Life' , story of Henrietta Lacks whose Cancer Cells were used without her knowledge to create the first immortal cell line.

- 'The Miracle Man' , story of Morris Goodman an Insurance Salesman who met a terrible air crash and was told by Doctors that he would be lucky to walk in the rest of his life time. Sleeping plastered in his hospital bed he determines to go out of the hospital walking in 3 weeks time. Impossible. But he does it. Sheer determination.

Why do such inspirational stories not happen here in India, asked me a sceptic ? What nonsense. Can you help me recall some successful Indian 'fight back to win' stories to share with these 'Doubters'... please. Even you could be one such story.

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