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Lessons From The Barber Shop

'Lucky Beauty Salon'...Lessons From The Barber Shop !

Much later in life I realised that 70% barber shops in Mumbai are called Lucky. I grew-up thinking that only the one next to dad's house was the Lucky one !

Unconsciously, I picked-up an assortment of lessons from 'The Lucky Beauty Salon'! Let me share :

1. Once an emotional bond is built, trust is irreplaceable. 'Mushtaq bhai' knew my hair so well that I did not have to tell him what & how I like it. Fancy outlets can add decorative value but cannot replace emotional bonding.

2. Where there is trust, one

surrenders full control & blindly entrusts charge even of a thing as precious as one's face. Sustainable Loyalty follows continued trust.

3. Respecting the unspoken limits is the basis of any relationship. One does not jump lines in a Salon. You may get a special cup of tea whilst waiting but jumping queue - disallowed.

4. Your critical investment in self-grooming adds to your self-confidence & presentation.

5. Visiting a salon is a matter of Habit. Sundays are never Sunday's till Mushtaq bhai - trims the beard.Habit formation is critical to building sustainable loyalty in business. The party does not end till the fat lady sings!

One more learning - where mind is open to learning, you don't need schools or books!

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