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Let Your Thinking Be Your 'Magic Wand'

This is my real life experience.

The Government had announced a discount scheme on stamp duty whilst registering real estate deals during Covid. The scheme was to end on 31 March, 2021. The date on calendar read 24th March ..... when a very complicated family-real estate deal involving several internal and external parties, which was going on for several years, got settled.

All of 7 days (5 working) now remained if one was to seek-out a substantial cost saving advantage from the government concession / scheme on Stamp duty and Registration fees. The need was high. But the effort involved was much higher.

The process to be undertaken was long. The supporting documentation was complicated. Covid protocols were stringent . Agents were out of action. Lawyers were operating on line only. Travelling in the city was severely restricted and that too, only with masks! All those who knew the issues involved said - impossible due to paucity of time except 2 people. Myself and my dear lawyer friend.

'CTLCS' - Cutting the long chase short, the complicated sale-deed , touch and go , got signed with 1 day to save !! Ofcourse, we put in those 28 hours a day kind of regime, but we succeeded.

As I look back what worked (and these are the 5 positive

'Think Big' assertions, I share with you) :

1. Make your mind work for you instead of you work for your mind.

2. Belief is the 'thermostat' that regulates what we accomplish.

3. Dare the situation and don't let situation scare you.

4. Big Thinking needs to be resorced by investment of big efforts.

5. Begin and the path will emerge. Hindrances will come up but belief creates resilience to find the solutions. And you will 'Fight to Win'.

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