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Locus of Control

We despair each day - dawn to dusk about all the things that we cannot control. The weather, bosses mood, neighbors kindness, traffic, service staff's attendance, wife's temperament, childrens' response and...and...and

We unfortunately also seriously believe that we cannot succeed because all these and many more such other elements outside our control appear to have greater impact on outcomes of our lives.

But look at it from a different logical perspective. If you could have control over all those others people, factors and external elements then by logic, the others too could have control over you.

Thus now the dilemma in our face...

Would you be better off controlling other people and influencing all the external elements outside the locus of your control or would you rather prefer to control yourself and all the elements that lie within the realms of your control?

Share your thoughts . I would personally prefer to rather be in control of myself and all things within the realms of my control

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