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Your misfortunes will not appear to be so humongous when you look around and see the misfortunes others have to cope with.

I fumed, screamed & fretted. Perry had such a fine Manager. I had a Boss who was a micro-manager and kept looking over my head....until I met my batch-mate who lost his job 2 years ago and could not find another one. His clever son had to leave his school for they could not afford fees. That evening , I prayed in thanks-giving !

Even 'Best Engaged' companies face some attrition. They too have some employees who would always be disgruntled & unhappy. Whilst some may succeed, not all for sure. I know many who have repented being short-sighted in their career decisions but only after successively lending up in assignments which were worst off in every way than what they had imagined to avoid in the first place.

Look around and you may prefer to opt and be happy with your own misfortune. You suffer more by imaginary comparisons.

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Apr 04, 2023

One big smile and all is God's will.. His divine plan, look at every thing graciously happily... Only perception of love unconditional exists. Blessings are ther in continuity always.. Bless one and all. Thanks ji humbly our respected

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