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Move on

Tough times bring out the best in you. Imagine...if there were no tough times, you would continue to do the same thing comfortably cocooned in your shell and foolishly feeling successful doing that. How then would you progress to newer heights and face higher challenges???

Calm seas are comfortable to travel on but turbulent seas make efficient sailors who

navigate thru rough seas to reach newer destinations.

Unfortunately, moving to new destinations is not a matter of option. Can you not choose to stay and not move ? Unless you successfully move towards the new destinations, you will get caught in the whirl-winds of change and your ship will thence keel over and cap-size.

Move-on and then keep moving on. Reminds me of this beautiful verse -

Samandar main fanah hona

to kismet ki kahani hai

jo martey hai kinaron pe

tarrs unhee pe aata hai...

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Sep 18, 2020

How then would you explain a long term stay in the services.? or a government job which till a few decades back was a life long occupation Would it be singular committment, a total faith in the organisation or just acceptance of one's fate

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