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Move-out to Move-in!

To Squeeze-in or to Shake-off and that is the perennial question. The greatest folly of a professional occurs at that point of time when he does not realise that he has out-grown beyond the role he was successfully performing earlier and tries therefore to squeeze himself in and continue doing things he ideally should grow himself out of.

Mostly this occurs when an incumbent is more comfortable doing his previous job & feels insecure about his ability & competencies in transiting smoothly from his current assignment into his next role.

Don't you thus experience at work - Managers who may be just promoted but who tacitly hold on to and refuse to let-go controls of the previous job he was comfortable doing ? Say the new CEO continuing to do his previous CMO job ? The CFO who cannot shake himself out of his earlier Accountant role? Haven't you similarly experienced the drag on a one time great relationship which may be with time , situation and context, lost its fondness and bonding ?

You first need to give up before you get-in .... if you are on a look-out for happiness. Be they roles, assignments, garments or relationships. Ease yourself out to make it easy for the other incumbent to move-in.

To successfully move-in, you need to first Move-Out ! We have experienced this with clothes. Easy. Just go to M&S and buy a new pair. The old ones? Junk them, give it to charity ... whatever. But others you may imagine are more difficult. But take my word for it. Just begin the new journey, open the gates and let the horses bolt.

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