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Mr Knoll

All of us know Mr. Knoll. Mr. Knoll - (Know It All) is omnipresent .. found in most of the teams. Mr. Knoll by his nature triggers powerful emotions, generally negative, pulling down the general morale of the team. Knoll is powerfully stylish, reflects a high degree of charisma and is generally very eloquent. Knoll is always busy and walks around the office with high vibrations, portraying a general impression in the minds of other members of the group that he has all the known answers and thus the big boss listens only to him. Being a narcisist, Knolls have the ability to project their internal drama and as a consequence, they pull along the other team members within their sweep in the turmoil they create. Effective leaders need to immediately recognize such Mr. Knolls for they are inflamming to the team, temperamentally. It is disastrous and would be a disservice for positive thinking team members to be silent and indifferent to the presence of Knolls and not call out their shenanigans. Knolls attempt to cast a larger than life image but the fact is that behind the Superman image, Knolls are weak, pretentious and insecure people. Do not allow them to destroy the team fabric.

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2 Kommentare

09. Dez. 2020

Very important to weed Mr Knolls for an efficient cohesive team. Normally the leader must look out for these guys.

Gefällt mir

ulhas deshpande
ulhas deshpande
26. Nov. 2020

Thanks, I am trying to relate my past colleagues and bosses. It's very important to decide strategy based on their nature.

Gefällt mir
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