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Nepotistic Kinship !

Only genuine achievements evoke admiration. Patronage induced success is short-lived and can only fuel anger, envy & jealousy in the long-run. Never admiration. Inapt favourites begin with a leaping advantage. Maybe they are lucky & that is the only classical justification to support nepotism.The beneficiaries of nepotism thus get the benefit of being trained early, coached by the best & being soaked in the right climate to season in the culture. Good luck, if all the early breaks they get, converts finally into superior performances. But if despite that, if the nepotique kinsman delivers average or below par performances, shame on them !!! Beneficiaries of such divine lotteries should never mistake serendipity as genuine performance.Sooner than later, luck runs out. Beneficiaries can at least make-up their performance defeciencies by their humble reciprocation. But if they fail in reflecting humility in their behaviour as well, they end-up not only digging their graves but also compounding it by further by writing their supporting obituaries. This is true for Bollywood, Hollywood,Tollywood or any other Corporate, business or work-domain that supports such nepotistic kinsmanship! Divinity loves merits & blesses it's owners with sustainable success.

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