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New Transformation : GR to GR

"JOY' Will Transform the 'Great Resignation' to 'Grand Recruitment', once again.

Experiencing Joy at Work is very important. Compensation and other rewards that people get for working, matters but not as much as Joy does.Our research clearly indicates that. Try checking out with your people. You will experience the same.

Pursuit of excellence and whilst doing so experiencing pleasure is what joy all about.

Great Resignation ??? I would say - let it not bother you not. Restart your new journey towards excellence and ensure that whilst doing so people experience joy .... and there you are, soon 'Grand Recruitment' will replace 'Great Resignation'.

The trick lies in making people experience joy in the journey of excellence they pursue as they do their work to create Value.

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1 Comment

Feb 24, 2022

Any Task undertaken with Passion no more remains a Task..... It gets converted to a Joyful Experience.......

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