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You are born with foot-prints of your parental coding. Very critical to your personality, choices and preferences. But that is totally outside the remit of one's control. You are born, you are born.

However, what is within the remit of one's control is nurture. That what is done by your conscious living self to build, develop and evolve.

Thus instead of bemoaning ones birth and nature, which is escapist, the world would certainly be happier and would get better MEN if collectively we bwliwvw and we stress the role of - Mentoring, Education & Nurturing ... developing the real MEN !

Let me share with you this poetically translated verse (Arthur Ryder) from the ancient Panchtantra stories - which in its subtle ways, highlights the role of developing thru positive nurturing and mentoring.

" Two birds were we,

I and the other .

One father had; one mother had we

But I was taught by hermits while Beef-eaters gave him training vile..

Beef-eaters' speech,

O King, he heard;

I listened to the hermits' word.

Our education, good and bad, The obvious consequence had."

Hope you enjoyed it.

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