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O The Lucky Butterfly !

Our mind thinks in unscientific blocks. It categories and blocks people on the basis of their looks, shape, weight, eye colors, complexions, hair colour, age etc. The not so aesthetic would naturally get a set-back. Sometimes, shaming too.

Once the mind at 'Level 1' categorizes people on the basis of their obvious physical cohorts, it strongly associates certain predominant behaviours with these unscientific categories linked to the cohorts displayed. God forbid if you are labelled in one category but your behaviours are otherwise. Promise you, it will take you a life-time to change the order.

Unfortunately, as if that is not bad enough, the worst is that

such assumptions get further extended dangerously to assumed moral and ethical standards with these categories or blocks. That is when the game is lost and that is why the wiser counsel is - don't get blocked !

Nietzche rightly said : " If you crush a cockroach, you are a hero. If you but crush a beautiful butterfly, you are a villain. Morals have aesthetic criteria." The poor cockroach because of the creepy looks it was born with is presumed to be the villain and thus its crushing is justified.

O the lucky butter-fly !

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1 Comment

Vispi Jokhi
Vispi Jokhi
Aug 14, 2023

The story of Ashtavakra is similar

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