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Obituary to my Circulating Library

I just love reading. In Class lV, my aunt gave me Rs.5 to spend during my school summer vacation and a strange magnetic pull spaced me and I moonwalked into this neighbourhood Deewan Circulating library. I wish I would have somewhere recorded this date for that indeed was the beginning day of my never ending love-affair with books and reading which has continued ceaselessly, till now.

Enid Blyton, Hardy Boys, James Hadly Chase, Nick Carter, Mandrake, Phantom, Richie Rich, Astrix, Archie and I read every possible novel and comic.

Graduated to serious reading later .. then to professional studies. But never realised, when unknown to my realisation - Deewan Circulating library just vanished away.

An electronic goods shop now stands where once my love affair with books bloomed. A tear drops as one reminiscences & realises that it is but the reality of cultural artifacts & monuments of times in transition.

Can't pass by now & dare not to look at that shop from the corner of my eye & rue the passing away of my love story.

I do not see these neighbourhood Circulating libraries in Bombay, anywhere. Wonder if you ever were a member of one too and you miss it?

No powerhouse Kindles or net reading can match - Deewan Circulating Library.

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