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Obnoxious Tendencies

Ignoring wise counsel and disregarding it to repeat obnoxious mistakes out of sheer arrogance is the surest way to sign one's death warrant. One sees a lot of people in the Corporate domain acting in this manner ... blaming, accusing, bad-mouthing, gossiping, tale- tattling and spreading rumors. You may be personally able to identify some of them in your first hand experiences.

Let me share the story of Cassius Severus, who was a very famous lawyer orator in the Roman Empire under the Roman Emperor Augustus. 

His fiery speeches gained instant attention as it's vitriolic contents was laced with humor and it attacked the High Ranking Roman's for their extravagance. Naturally, the peasants loved him.

Being emboldened, he increased not only the intensity but also kept attacking higher and higher levels of Ministers in the Roman hierarchy to rebuke. 

He was warned. But he cared less. The novelty of his style over time wore off and the crowds listening to him, thinned. He tried harder & increased the intensity. But to no avail.

The Authorities burnt his books ... arrested him ... beat him up ... and banished him finally to the unpopulated rock of Serifos in the middle of the Aegean Sea. He spent the last 8 years of his life there without any audience for his angered narrations. He subsequently became maniacal and finally died.

Each one of us has got our signature tendencies. Some of them may be very obnoxious.

Unfortunately, People often find it very difficult to control their tendencies  to the point that they may become self destructive. And yet they do not change. 

Rightly it is said in the Bible that ...  "Like a Dog that returns to his Vomit , a fool keeps repeating his obnoxious folly".

Don't be a fool.

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