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Old Mumbai Couples

Old Mumbai Couples ...

Mumbai, the alert city that connects. Night, noon or dawn, the city vibrates.

The trains are sardine-packed, buses are crowded & restaurants filled with people perpetually having pani-kum chai with bun-maska.

Everybody travels long distances with cross-overs at stations to catch central-line, western-line, harbour-line, metro-line etc. The city resembles a packed stadium - with some applauding and the rest participating in a never ending hepethelon race. Despite this, the city has time & a big heart that beats for people who need help in crisis.

Ever seen an old person struggling to cross the road ? Busy or free, everybody halts ungrudgingly in response to the self-appointed traffic Marshals when they signal the traffic to a halt till the Old man crosses safely.

Jamshed & Jeroo my Octagenarian neighbours benefit. They boldly go out without help. I realised it accidentally.

Ravi, my acquaintance told me that Jamshed Uncle sings well. Surprised, I asked how he knew? Apparently, once Ravi had helped Uncle cross the high-traffic road. He was carrying a new Zodiac Shirt. In return Jamshed Uncle insisted on singing Ravi a Talat Mhmd song. He winked.

Old Bombay couples are cute ! Later it dawned on me that they must have gone down to buy me that Zodiac shirt for my last birthday.

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1 Comment

Verzavand Postvala
Verzavand Postvala
Jun 07, 2020

Do I come I the category of old couple or YOUNG COUPLE

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