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Opt for Hope and then Action it

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Why do some people despite having the right dreams fail ?

Unfortunately, some of us tend to wait for the perfect moment in the universe to take the plunge. The weather has to be not too hot and not too cold. The cosmic stars and their positions should all align in some favorable format ... the cat should not cross the path and it should be a Sunny day. Also that the date should concur with the numerological preference of their choice. Only then they believe they should act.

The truth is simple. Planning is very much needed. But if we spend all our efforts planning and waiting for a future that will only come if we take action, we can never accomplish anything.

Every forward movement that you make in life should have a time-tag to it. Time-tag to dream, time-tag to plan and then time-tag to Action your Hope.

Begin you may

by opting for HOPE

but end you will

when you action the same.

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