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Pave Your Path

Pave Your Path

The road is equally uneven for all of us in its own way. Unfortunately, we are unable to see challenges faced by others. Thus each one of us believes that the path is more even and easy for others and grossly uneven for them.

Each one of us, knowingly or unknowingly is paving their path through. The final destination you reach is an outcome of the direction you begin to dig in and the efforts you put ... some dig in the right direction , some go down.

Whatever be the start, you have to find your way.

Your corporate path and success follows the same aphorism. Ask those above you to narrate the story of their path to success. Ask those below you and hear them say how you got it easy and how hard it is for them.

But the fact remains. You have to somehow by TAO - (Trials, Analysis & Observation) find your direction and put in your efforts. The destination you will reach someday will make you agree to this.

Right now begin by believing in it and thus paving your path.

" Kissiney uper,

kissiney nichay ...

inn tedhi medhi sadko parr,

jisney jaisey sadak banee,

usney vaisee manzil paaee "

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1 Comment

gagan kaur
gagan kaur
Jun 30, 2023

Well said sir

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