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'Persuasion' -The Mechanism of Influencers

Leaders born in cradles of Power never value Pursuasion. Why persuade..aren't followers paid to follow?? But thankfully, that tribe has shrunk having met its nemesis.

We live in the age of 'Influencers'. Whilst leaders self perceive themselves to be great influencers, tools to wheels experiences of people working under them is different

Self-proclaimed 'Influencers' can become real Influencers by enhancing their Persuasion skills - the art of wheedling that helps leaders to persuade others to understand the world, the right way as it ought to be.

When the path forward is different from the familiar path , persuasion skills are hard-pressed

Leaders enhance Persuasion skills by following these 6 path-ways (Cialdini):

👉Convince followers thru logic that would convince you, if your leader gave it to you

👉Offer suggestions consistently...not suddenly when you expect changed responses.

👉 Show Larger Social (crowd) Acceptance of your logic & ideas that you are persuading

👉 Position your ideas as that of an expert not one on a trial- error basiss.

👉 Suggestions should be unique & not common

👉Followers should authentically perceive leader's efforts as being that for their own good.

Harness effectively, the power of persuasion

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1 Comment

Sep 23, 2020

It also depends on the grade of receptivity of those being influenced.

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